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    Information technology jobs around the world require technical certifications. Through this Skillsboost website, students, parents and educators will discover how to launch and develop a career in IT through certifications.

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    Getting CompTIA certified is the first step in laying the foundation for your future in information technology. Honing your digital skills—and validating those skills with your CompTIA certification—puts you in a position to choose from a number of IT career tracks. IT education and certification not only help you get a desirable job, they also help you grow in your career by acquiring valuable technical skills.

  • Never Stop Learning

    Certifications are valuable and the more you acquire the more you’ll be in demand. Getting certified shows you have the required skills and dedication to your career, which is important to companies and organizations. Consequently, many large corporations around the world recommend or require CompTIA certifications for their IT staff or partners.

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IT is everywhere and the demand for skilled professionals is high. This site was developed for students, parents and educators to learn more about IT careers. CompTIA resources and certifications can assist you in navigating the career paths available.

See how CompTIA certifications can increase your chances for career success.

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Whether you’re a student, educator or parent, this site provides essential resources for those interested in IT careers.

You’ll find valuable information on the industry and what’s needed for a successful career, whether you are pursuing one yourself or guiding others.