Why Start an Internship?

Students need access to internships to get ready for the business world. Employers and schools can collaborate to innovate the internship model so that it works for both the student and the employer.

What are the Advantages and Benefits?

  • For Students

    Students benefit from internships by gaining real-world work experience; something no amount of education can prepare them for. They may see some of their first professional successes via an internship. Furthermore, an internship may begin a relationship with a company that leads a student to employment there. If this doesn’t occur, a student still walks away from an internship having done significant resume building; assisting them in seeking future employment. Finally, if organized through their school, a student may gain college credit through an internship.

  • For the Employer

    Employers benefit from internships because they’re able to test out new talent without taking the tremendous risk involved with bringing a new employee into a company on a full-time basis. Plus they tap straight into a stream of young employees; keeping their overall workforces’ skill-sets fresh. Further, employers are able to fill positions at low or no cost.

Think Beyond the Traditional Internship


Internships are a powerful way to provide full immersion in the world of work with responsibility for real, necessary tasks that matter to an employer. They provide experience that prepares students to successfully begin careers in their chosen field.

Four Ps

To give that opportunity to more students, schools and employers can build upon the four Ps of internships, as developed by the Creating IT Futures Foundation (CITF), the philanthropic arm of CompTIA. These four Ps are as follows:

  • Project for the student to work on that’s both challenging and valued.
  • Place for the student to work on the project.
  • Personnel who will care about and supervise the intern.
  • Payment, preferably monetary, to the students for the work they do.

Creating IT Futures

Creating IT Futures developed models for four types of internships. Check out this infographic for more details. See some of these models in action as Creating IT Futures develops summer internships for Chicago Public Schools’ students.

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